MCT Oil Followup

Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash

In order to fight off mild cognitive impairment (MCI), we have to do all sorts of things. One of those things I tried was medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oil. I used it for approximately two months. I felt my counting skill stayed pretty good and my other memory issues seemed reasonable.

While I was doing it, I was also trying to gain weight because some research found that heavier people have less tendency to develop dementia compared with skinny people like myself. But I didn’t want to gain weight by adding fat, so I was trying to do weight exercises to gain muscle. I did gain some weight but started seeing some bulge on my stomach I didn’t notice before. Obviously I was gaining weight with fat more so than muscle!

So, when I run out of MCT, I decided not to buy another bottle. Instead, I decided to see what happens to my counting skill without MCT. It’s been about a month since I stopped MTC, and so far my counting skill does not seem to have declined. Unfortunately the bulge on my stomach has not got smaller either! I guess it’s a lot easier to add bulge than taking it off.

So, I will stay off MCT and see what happens to my counting skill and my bulge.

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